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Perfect for Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 9 (see our Rocket activity in the Learning Center)! 

We've played with a lot of (I mean, tested a number of...) different kid-powered rockets for function, fun, and durability. When the rockets settled, we liked the Dueling Stomp Rocket best. The materials are higher quality, and the launch pad is sturdier than the other rocket launchers, including the standard Stomp Rocket style (no wing nuts that loosen over time or tripods that fall apart). After testing with our kids, the cousins, and the neighborhood kids, the Dueling Stomp Rocket holds up under repeated use.

Using just the power of kids, they can send two rockets up to 200 feet in the air, do competitions, change angles to show different trajectories, or use different amounts of force simultaneously. It all adds up to a good introduction to forces and motion.


Here are some reasons to use our Dueling Stomp Rockets for this year's CC Week 9 activities:

  • Highly Interactive-each student gets a chance (or a few) to use these rockets. Other rockets can only be fired by the tutor. Fun to watch, maybe, but no student participation.

  • Easily Adjusted-The platform is set straight up, but the rockets can be angled as well. Try different trajectories!

  • Dueling Means Competitions-Launch two at a time. Kids love to compete!

  • Easy Set Up-So simple they put the how-to on the back of the box.

  • Reusable-Launch the same rockets over and over again. Don't worry, they're tough!

  • No Fuses, Fires, or Chemicals-Keep things simple and fool-proof with a stomp pad and kids' feet.