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About Dr. Marcus Ross

Dr. Ross has taught college science classes for over twenty years in the areas of creation, geology, paleontology, biology, and more. 

Marcus Ross has loved paleontology (especially dinosaurs) since he was a kid growing up in Rhode Island. After earning a B.S. in Earth Science from the Pennsylvania State University, he continued his studies with a M.S. in Vertebrate Paleontology from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science (Geoscience) from the University of Rhode Island. 


Dr. Ross regularly contributes to creationist research and education in both technical and popular literature. He and his wife Corinna live in Lynchburg, Virginia, and home school their four children. 


Dr. Ross taught for 16 years at Liberty University as Professor of Geology, where he also served as Director of the Center for Creation Studies and is currently a Fellow of the Center. With most of his classes dedicated to non-science majors, Dr. Ross is at ease speaking about scientific topics to layman audiences and young learners. 

His lectures and presentations are highly visual since geology is better seen through images than described in words, and his teaching style is very active, with some lectures including audience participation. If you would like to invite Dr. Ross to speak, reach out to us using the box at the bottom of this page!

Workshop Titles & Descriptions

Noah’s Flood: Creation Undone

Themes: Genesis, Creation

Audience: Middle School to High School

Noah’s Flood well-known as a pivotal event in the Book of Genesis, but its connections to Genesis 1-3 often go unnoticed to the modern reader. Dr. Marcus Ross traces these connections in the biblical text by looking closer at the scope and purpose of the Flood, the linguistic and literary commonalities  and parallelisms between the stories of Adam and Noah. 

Noah’s Flood: Where Genesis Meets Geology

Themes: Genesis, Creation

Audience: Middle School to High School

Noah’s Flood: Where Genesis Meets Geology—How does the biblical account of the great flood in Genesis connect to geology? How do modern young-Earth creationists think that this happened? What about plate tectonics and Pangaea? Here, you’ll encounter both the scriptural and geologic record of Noah’s flood and an up-to-date understanding of this fascinating time in Earth and human history.

Fuzzy with a Chance of Feathers

Themes: Dinosaurs, Fossils, Palentology, Geology

Audience: Elementary School

Dinosaurs have captured the public’s imagination since they were first recognized as distinct creatures in the mid-1800s. But things have changed A LOT about how we view dinosaurs since then. Scientists talk of birds as being dinosaurs with feathers, and things can get confusing. Creationist paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross will walk you through the evidence and inference towards a creationist view of dinosaurs and birds.

Dinosaurs Demystified

Themes: Dinosaurs, Fossils, Palentology, Geology

Audience: Middle School to High School

Claws, clubs, spikes, and shields! There are so many dinosaurs and so much diversity in this amazing group of God’s creations. Join creation paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross in this wild ride through the lost world of dinosaurs.

Twelve Years in Athens: A Creationist’s Odyssey in Geological Education

Themes: Creation, Geology, Education

Audience: High School to College

Navigating a secular university as a Christian is not a simple task, and it is even more complicated when your worldview contrasts sharply with the dominant worldview in your field of study. Lean how to engage the modern-day Athens and build your faith in the midst of challenge from a young-Earth creationist who studied evolution-based geology and paleontology all the way through a Ph.D.

Creation and Evolution: Where we stand today

Themes: Creation, Evolution

Audience: All Ages

The debate over creation and evolution continues to dominate headlines and web pages every year. From scientific discoveries and family attractions to debates and movies, the topic persists because it dives  into the issues of our own origins. Come get the current view of the field from an expert in the topic, without the rancor and name-calling that is sadly common to this hot-button topic.

Who Believes What?

Themes: Creation, Evolution, Christianity, Theology

Audience: All Ages

Christians hold a wide variety of views about creation and evolution, and beyond Christianity there are still more. If we aren’t careful we can find ourselves communicating poorly. Here we’ll untangle many of these views and see how they relate to one another. Along the way we’ll discover better who believes what about young-Earth creation, old-Earth creation, theistic evolution, intelligent design, and more.

Monstrous Mosasaurs

Themes: Creation, Dinosaurs, Geology, Palentology

Audience: All Ages

Come learn about the biggest, baddest carnivores that ever roamed the oceans! Mosasaurs are huge marine reptiles found as fossils on every single continent. Take a tour of these  extinct sea monsters with mosasaur expert Dr. Marcus Ross to learn what they were, where they are found, and what happened to them during Noah’s Flood.

Geological Dating, Relatively Speaking

Themes: Creation, Geology, Evolution

Audience: All Ages

Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous! What do these and the other strange names in geology really mean? Can Christians agree with them or not? Dr. Marcus Ross will walk you through the relative dating methods in geology, which in most cases are ones on which BOTH young-Earth creationist geologists AND old-Earth geologists actually agree!

Rocks as Clocks

Themes: Creation, Geology, Evolution

Audience: All Ages

When geologists say that a fossil or rock is millions of years old, how do they come to this conclusion? Learn how geologists use radioactive materials to date rocks to numerical ages as well as the assumptions and limitations to those methods. Creationist have some interesting research on these as well that you’ll want to see.

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