We believe in providing you with great materials for hands-on learning.

Our Story

As a creationist and science educator, Dr. Marcus Ross discovered a need for educational materials to help students understand our world from a biblical young-Earth perspective. 


He founded Cornerstone Educational Supply to bring his experience to your science program. With creation-based supplies, God's world becomes richer and more beautiful as you learn from what He has made. Here at Cornerstone, we design, select, and assemble quality science materials to fit your educational needs. 

Every geology kit includes expert-selected samples chosen as representatives of the rocks, minerals, and fossils of our world.

Why use Cornerstone Products?

Science is most fun when we “get it”! Our goal is to help you better understand the world around you, 

so you will have a deeper appreciation of the work of our great Creator! 

We complete our kits with truly understandable descriptions of the specimens and supplies included and provide tools for learners of all ages to explore the fields of science.

We ensure our kits:

  • Use high-quality materials. 

  • Promote discovery for all ages.

  • Help families grow in their faith.