Cornerstone science materials and lessons are used at HUNDREDS of Classical Conversations communities all around the United States.

Check our our CC Cycle 1 Materials page for the items you need for this year to make your activities a success!

Cornerstone's geology kits and materials are the perfect compliment to your science curriculum

   Most science curricula do not include real rocks, minerals, and fossils when teaching about geology and Earth Science. Complete your child's education by putting real specimens in their hands. Our specimens and tools are expert-chosen and our lessons are both understandable AND in-depth!


Use our materials for:

Home school lessons
Christian elementary and high school
Science fair experiments
Classical Conversations science activities
Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts (Geology Merit Badge)
Christian higher education
Starting your own personal collection
Sunday School lessons

Cool fact: All of our kits are made in the USA!!! 

In fact, they are made by us here at Cornerstone!