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Each Family Pack includes the hard-to-get materials for Cycle 2 Foundations science activities. 

  • Choose the number of students in the drop-down box above.

  • Additional students will receive consumable materials, but not additional hardware (which can be shared during experiment time).

  • You can also use this economical pack when you gather for Tutor Training!

The Family/Tutor Pack includes the following:

(Additional household items are needed; see our free Materials List on the Learning Center Page.)

The individual pack is dependent on the number of students the pack is bought for. 

2 White Thermometer

Week 1

2 Metal Thermometer

Week 1

Paracord (9 ft)

Week 1, and 4

A Dual lens Magnifier

Week 2

200 Straws

Week 2, 20, and 21

2 Bricks of Clay

Week 2, and 20

A Cornerstone Hand Lens

Week 2

A Math compass

Week 2

A Black Marker

Week 5

Satellite demonstration Kit

Week 5

Super Sunprint Refills

Week 9

A Acrylic sheets

Week 9

Dueling Stomp Rocket

Week 11

Small bag of Rubber bands

Week 20,22, and 23

2 Rolls of Tape

Week 21

A Pair of Scissors

Week 21

A pack of 50 Craft Sticks

Week 23

1 Plastic eggs

Week 23

Individual Pack


A White Balloon

Week 5

 A Solar System Sticker Activity

Week 8

18 Craft Sticks

Week 22

2 Wooden Spoons

Week 22

3 Pom Poms

Week 22