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Were Adam and Eve Historical?


Was there a real Garden? Did the Fall actually happen?


Cornerstone's own Dr. Marcus Ross presents and defends the traditional understanding of Adam and Eve as a contributor in Perspectives on the Historical Adam and Eve: An Evangelical Conversation. Joined by other authors with different viewpoints, this book represents a substantive and cordial debate about the place of our first parents. Each position chapter is followed by responses from the other authors and a final rejoinder.


From the publisher:

The question of the historicity of the biblical Adam and Eve remains a crucial issue for contemporary Christians. The range of Christian beliefs regarding the origin of humanity impacts their understanding of human identity, human uniqueness, and the human condition. Theologically, the historicity of Adam and Eve speaks to original sin, redemption, and God’s plan and purpose for humanity.

Perspectives on the Historical Adam and Eve delves into the anthropological and theological dimensions that shape our understanding of humanity. In an essay-and-response model, four leading evangelical scholars examine the biblical teachings, scientific evidence, and theological and practical implications of each view.

As part of the Perspectives series, this volume presents four distinct positions in dialogue, moderated by volume editor Kenneth Keathley and with an afterword by S. Joshua Swamidass:

  • The Non-Historical Adam and Eve View (Kenton L. Sparks)
  • The Mytho-Historical Adam View (William Lane Craig)
  • The Genealogical Adam and Eve Model (Andrew Loke)
  • The Recent Adam and Eve View (Marcus R. Ross)

The essays and responses engage with contemporary research into the genealogical Adam and Eve and well as the advancing biblical studies of the Genesis narratives of Adam and Eve as part of the primeval history of Genesis 1–11. Professors, students, pastors, and interested lay readers are invited to join an ongoing and important conversation that has the power to shape their beliefs about human identity, redemption, and God's divine plan.

The Perspectives series brings together scholars with multiple viewpoints on contested topics in biblical studies, theology, and ministry, allowing them to engage with each other’s ideas and arguments in a point-counterpoint discussion. From their different perspectives, the scholars address a myriad of questions surrounding complex issues, providing the reader with a broader and deeper understanding of the subject.