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Laboratory Kit for

Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview


Grab your gear and get ready to crack the case! With this supply kit you'll be outfitted to get out to the crime scene and learn how to collect and analyze the data following the instructions from Intro to Forensic Science. This lab kit contains general supplies, labware, samples, and chemicals required to perform the curriculum's many experiments and activities. (NOTE: The curriculum requires some household items not included in this kit).

Some activities include the use of a microscope, such as our Advanced Student Microscope.



Item Qty needed
General Supplies
Pencil 1
Red pen 1
Black pen 1
Black permanent marker
Cloth tape measure (metric) 1
Ruler (metric) 1
Masking tape 1
Small paintbrush 1
Can of modeling dough 1
Foam trays 2
Pipe cleaners (blue, white, yellow, pink, and brown) 5
Cooking Thermometer 1
Ink pad 1
Super glue 1
Drawing compass 1
Colored pencils
Transparency plates (4" x 6") 4
Safety goggles 1 pair
Safety gloves 1
Nitrile gloves 1 pair
Electronic balance 1
50ml graduated cylinder 4
Pipette / water dropper 3
Test tubes 4
Test tube rack 1
100-ml beaker (borosilicate glass) 1
50-mL beaker (plastic) 4
Microscope slides (pack of 12) 2
Cover slips (pack of 100) 1
Funnel 1
Magnifying glass (3X / 6X acrylic) 1
Lidded plastic containers 10
Forceps 1
4 small petri (glass/plastic) dishes 4
Fingerprint black powder or magnetic powder (or ground pencil lead or eyeshadow) 1
Fingerprint dusting brush or magnetic wand (or makeup or soft artist brush) 1
Samples and Chemicals
Three animal fur samples 1
Three natural fiber samples (wool, cotton, flax) 1
Three synthetic fiber samples (nylon, polyester, acrylic) 1
simulated human blood 1
Iodine 1
2 lbs Plaster of Paris 1