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The BEST Creation Book on Fossils!


We are excited to offer a fantastic resource for learning all about God's amazing world with Fossils and the Flood by geologist Paul Garner and illustrator Jeanne Elizabeth. This wonderful book is chock-full of current creation research, clear and readable prose, and over 200 lovely watercolor images. 


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From the Publisher

Fossils are the remains or traces of creatures that lived in the past, and they tell a fascinating story—the story of a world that was destroyed by the Genesis Flood and its remarkable recovery.

In this book you will:

  • Find out what fossils are and how they formed.
  • Learn what fossils reveal about the incredible array of life that God created in the beginning.
  • Discover lost worlds populated by extraordinary creatures, most now extinct.

From the weird sea creatures that swarmed in the shallow oceans and the strange ‘fishopods’ that lurked in the weed-infested waters of a floating forest, to the awe-inspiring dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and mammals that dominated much of the land, you’ll be enthralled as you discover God’s creation in a whole new way.

With the help of God’s Word and the clues that the latest scientific discoveries provide this book reveals a remarkable picture of the early earth. You will also learn what fossils tell us about the destruction of the world during the Flood, and how Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark emerged to face much that was new and unfamiliar—a warm, wet world that dried and cooled until, eventually, ice gripped the northern continents.

Informed by the latest creationist scholarship and richly illustrated with over 200 watercolor paintings—including many stunning dioramas—this book reconstructs the world before and after the Genesis Flood in unprecedented depth and detail and will excite and educate your family.


About the Authors

Paul Garner is a full-time researcher and lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust in the United Kingdom. He has a master’s degree in geoscience from University College London, where he specialized in paleobiology. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of the Geological Society of America, the Palaeontological Association, and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. His first book, The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation, was published by Evangelical Press in 2009.

Jeanne Elizabeth studied fine art at Harrow Art College, qualifying for her National Diploma of Design. She has been employed as an illustrator in a London firm, and also accepts private commissions. She is proficient in both illustration and portraiture, using a variety of media.


What Cornerstone's Dr. Ross says (from the endorsements page)

Fossils and the Flood is a delightful book for the young and the young-at-heart. It reminds me of the field guides and dinosaur books that captivated me as a boy and nourished my fascination with paleontology, and yet it easily surpasses them. For in this richly illustrated and thoughtfully written book, Paul Garner leads us in a more excellent understanding of the fossil record: that it is a testimony to the great Creator and Judge of this world.

Paul Garner possesses a rare skill among scientists: he communicates technical ideas to the general audience with clarity, passion, and great skill. The result is an eminently readable book that brings the reader to a deeper understanding of the history of the world as sketched by the pages of Genesis and enriched in detail from the findings of science.

The written descriptions of the pre-Flood biomes pair with the visual depictions marvelously. There is enough detail to convey a real sense of each environment and the creatures that inhabited them. By weaving all the biomes together, the reader is transported to a world that is richly filled with living beings both familiar and exotic.

Fossils and the Flood finds itself equally useful in the field as it does in the library. The section on major fossil groups has so many helpful images of common fossils that the amateur collector should make sure to take this book to the outcrop along with their hammer, goggles, and collection bags.