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Experience Biology Supply Kit


Discover the wonders of God's creation through Journey Homeschool Academy's Experience Biology course. This supply kit includes the vital materials for the hands-on experiments and activities performed over the course of the year (some additional household items may be necessary). The kit contents are listed below.

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NOTE: The dogfish shark is an optional dissection activity for this curriculum. You can find the dogfish HERE if you'd like to add it to your order.


Kit Contents

  • Safety goggles
  • Test tubes (16x150mm; x4)
  • Test tube rack
  • Wax pencil
  • Nutrient agar (8g)
  • Petri dishes
  • Sterile cotton swabs (x6)
  • Glass slides, blank (x12)
  • Glass coverslips
  • Methylene blue (30ml)
  • Iodine (30ml)
  • Bromomythol blue (100ml)
  • Custom biology slide set
    • Amoeba proteus
    • Paramecium
    • Euglena
    • Rhizopus nigricans
    • Penicillium
    • Monocot leaf (cross-section)
    • Dicot leaf (cross-section)
    • Monocot stem (cross-section)
    • Dicot stem (cross-section)
    • Onion root tip (longitudinal section)
    • Human skin (cross-section)
  • Dissection tools and case
  • Box of T-pins (100)
  • Large dissection tray
  • Preserved worm
  • Preserved starfish
  • Preserved clam
  • Preserved crayfish
  • Preserved fetal pig (7-10 inches)