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Discovering Design with Biology Supply Kit


This microscope slidekit is designed for both Berean Builders Discovering Design with Biology and Apoogia's Exploring Creation with Biology This variety of prepared slides and chemicals will allow you to discover God's wonderful creation through the lens of a microscope.

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This kit includes:

  • A custom set of 16 prepared microscope slides containing the following: AmoebaAscaris mitosis, diatoms, Euglena, sponge spicules, Hydra budding, leaf cross-section, onion root tip, ParameciumPlanaria, dicot root, dicot stem, Spirogira with conjugation, Volvox, monocot root, and monocot stem.
  • A set of 12 blank slides and 100 cover slips
  • 30ml of 2% iodine solution (also called Lugol's iodine and IKI solution)
  • 30ml of methylene blue indicator
  • Two medicine droppers