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Each Family Pack includes the hard-to-get materials for Cycle 2 Foundations science activities. In this pack, you will receive one set of durable goods (students can share these items during class time!) along with additional consumable supplies for each student. This economical pack is perfect for Tutor Training!

  • Choose the number of students in the drop-down box above.

  • Additional student sets ($4.50 each) include the materials listed in the second table below (extra balloon, solar system sticker set, and catapult materials).

  • You can also use this economical pack when you gather for Tutor Training!

Some additional household items will be necessary.


Families can add our Cycle 2 Lesson Plans to their cart with this item and receive an instant 60% discount on the lesson plans. You'll receive lesson plans for weeks 1 through 24, with over 190 page of great science!


The Family/Tutor Pack includes the following*:

2 White Thermometer Week 1
2 Metal Thermometer Week 1
Paracord (9 ft) Week 1 and 4
1 Dual Lens Magnifier Week 2
200 Straws Week 2, 20, and 21
2 Bricks of Clay Week 2 and 20
1 Cornerstone Hand Lens Week 2
A Math Compass Week 2
A Black Marker Week 5
Satellite Demonstration Kit Week 5
Super Sunprint Refills Week 9
1 Acrylic sheet Week 9
Dueling Stomp Rocket Week 11
Small Bag of Rubber Bands Week 20,22, and 23
2 Rolls of Tape Week 21
1 Pair of Scissors Week 21
1 Pack of 50 Craft Sticks Week 23
1 Plastic Egg Week 23


Individual Pack**:

1 White Balloon Week 5
1 Solar System Sticker Activity Week 8
18 Craft Sticks Week 22
2 Wooden Spoons Week 22
3 Pom Poms Week 22 


*Additional household items are needed. See our FREE Materials List on the Learning Center page.

**The amount of materials in the Individual Pack will change depending on the amount of students selected. (i.e. 1 Student = 1 Individual Pack = 3 Pom Poms while 3 Students = 3 Individual Packs = 9 Pom Poms)