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Get all 18 lessons for Cycle 3 in one download


This bundle includes Lesson Plans for Cycle 3 Weeks 1 through 18, a complete Materials List for Weeks 1-24, and the visual key to our Anatomy Sticker Set. Communities will benefit from clear, detailed instructions and helpful discussion that guide tutors through each activity. Your download is a whopping 127 pages, and our lessons include:

  • A complete materials list for each week
  • Estimated time for completion
  • Vocabulary / grammar terms
  • Pre-activity discussion
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Questions for the tutors to ask the students about their observations
  • Figures, tables, and charts
  • Concluding discussion points

Curious about our lesson plans? Download one for FREE (link)


Weekly Lesson Plans:

  1. Your Eyes Can Trick You

  2. Water Lenses

  3. Fingerprints

  4. Every Breath You Take

  5. Scritchy-Scratchy and Sound Around

  6. An Ear for Dizziness

  7. Pumps, Pipes, and Filters

  8. A Very Nervous System

  9. Getting "In" Digestion

  10. Breathing Easy

  11. Our Special Senses

  12. More than Skin Deep

  13. Where Did It Go?

  14. Discovering Displacement

  15. Diving Into Density

  16. Acids, Bases, and Bubbles

  17. Sugars, Starches, and Iodine

  18. The Trouble with "Hard" Water

Lessons for Weeks 19-24 are provided in the Foundations Curriculum. We provide custom-for-CC materials, such as our Pizza Combination and Pancakes & Probability sets just for these special activities (see our Cycle 3 page).



Cornerstone's Materials List will occasionally differ from the materials proscribed in the Foundations Curriculum. When you find a difference in materials, this is due to one of several reasons:

  1. Substitutions: We have found other methods and items that perform the activity easier/better/more effectively.

  2. Additions: In cases of short/quick activities, we have created additional related activities (detailed in our lesson plans) to add more fun and learning to your science time.

  3. Customizations: We have created materials to specifically cater to a CC activity.