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Cornerstone's full-color Biblical Geological Time Scale provides you with a great understanding of how the events of geology fit into a biblical timescale in which the world is several thousands of years old, rather than many billions of years old. 

On the right side, the chart breaks down the geological units as they relate to Creation Week, the pre-Flood world, the Flood, and the post-Flood world. 

On the left side is the standard old-Earth view of these same units, so the timescale helps you translate the information you find in books and videos from secular sources into a timeline built first and foremost upon the Bible. 

On the back is a clearly written and very helpful description of why the geological column is a real and helpful guide to geology, and how Christians can discover what rocks and fossils fit into the different events of Earth's history in a way that honors Scripture. 

Our Biblical Geologic Time Scale is printed on durable card stock with a glossy coat on the timescale side. These are perfect for group hand-outs, inserts, and class use! 

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