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Cornerstone's Cycle 1 Consumable Class Pack contains the consumable materials for one class of 8 students and 1 tutor. Communities should first purchase at least one Base Kit and then add Consumable Class Packs as needed. An example is given below.



Due to low inventories of owl pellets and (possibly) crayfish, CC has decided on alternative activities in Weeks 9 and 10. The options for each week are:

Week 9: Crayfish or Grasshopper

Week 10: Owl pellet or Perch 

We have both crayfish and grasshoppers in stock, with more on the way. You can choose either from the options below. Because we are out of owl pellets, our Cycle 1 Base Kit and Class Packs will include 5 perch (4 for students to pair up and one for the tutor to lead the class).

We recommend purchasing one Base Kit for each of the first classes doing science simultaneously in your community. Next, purchase as many Class Packs (LINK) as you have additional science classes that will follow afterward.


# science classes starting the day =  # base kits

# additional classes doing science =  # class packs



  1. You have a community with 24 students. One class begins the day with science and the other two classes follow after the first. You will purchase one Base Kit and two Class Packs.

  2. You have a community with 48 students. Two classes will start the day with science activities, and the other four classes will follow after them. You will purchase two (2) Base Kits and four  (4) Class Packs.

The Base Kit includes the following:

(Additional household materials will be required. See the free Materials List on our Learning Center Page.)


Week 9: Preserved crayfish OR grasshoppers (x9), forceps (x9), wooden probes (x9), foam trays (x9), and dual magnifiers (x9; from week 1)

Week 10: Perch (x5), forceps (x5), wooden probes (x5), foam trays (x5), and dual magnifiers (x9; from week 1); perch dissection guide (x1 for tutor)

Week 13: Fool's gold panning pack and modeling clay (2x 1-lb multi-color packs; use 2 sticks of one color)

Week 14: Mineral streak plates (x9), straws (x9), plastic cups (x18), and modeling clay (from Week 13; use 1 each of 3 colors)

Week 15: Plaster (approx. 1-pound bag), plastic cups (x9), craft sticks (x9), and modeling clay (from Week 13; any colors)

Week 16: Balloons (x9)

Week 19: Jar of Epsom salts (x1), microscope slides (pack of 12), plastic pipette (x1)