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Prepare for Classical Conversations at home with 10% off!

Each Family Pack includes the hard-to-get materials and fun activity sheets (thaumatropes, fingerprint cards, anatomy sticker package, and our blueberry pancake & pizza probability cards) for Cycle 3's science activities. 

  • Choose the number of students in the drop-down box above.

  • Additional students will receive their own activity sheets and poker chip bag, but not additional hardware (which can be shared during experiment time).

  • You can also use this economical pack when you gather for Tutor Training!

Some additional household items will be necessary.

Families can add on our Cycle 3 Lesson Plans for just $20, less than half of the regular price. You'll receive 12 lessons for the Fall, and later (around October) you'll get 6 more lessons plus a statistics guide for the Spring.

NOTE: The discounted lesson add-on is for families only. If you plan to use our lessons in your CC community, please purchase them via the Lesson Plan Page. Thanks!

The Family/Tutor Pack includes the following:

(Additional household items are needed; see our free Materials List on the Learning Center Page.)

Week 1: Thaumatrope activity sheet, 1 small bag of rubber bands.

Week 2: 6-inch piece of wire and 2 plastic cups

Week 3: Fingerprinting sheet, 1 ink stamp pad, dual-lens magnifier

Week 4: 250ml beaker, 1 permanent marker, 2ft of rubber tubing, and straw

Week 5: 1 piece of pumice, dual-lens magnifier from week 3, bar of soap, sandpaper

Week 6: No materials included

Weeks 7-12: Anatomy Sticker Pack

Week 13: 250ml Beaker from week 4, 1 food coloring dye

Week 14: 250ml beaker from week 4, 6 marbles, two 30-ml medicine cups, and 1 thumb tack

Week 15: 250ml beaker from week 4

Week 16: 1 triangular jar and 1 balloon

Week 17: Bottle of Iodine and eye dropper

Week 18: 2 small plastic jars and Epsom Salt

Week 19: Poker Chips (7 red, 7 blue, and 7 white)

Week 20: Pizza Combination activity sheet

Week 21: Pancake activity sheet and 6-sided die

Week 22: No materials included

Week 23:  1 die from Week 21

Week 24: No materials included