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Cornerstone's Cycle 3 Consumable Class Pack contains the consumable materials for one class of 8 students and 1 tutor. Communities should first purchase at least one Base Kit and add Consumable Class Packs as needed. See the example purchase chart below and list of items in the Class Pack.


We recommend purchasing one Base Kit for each class that will be conducting experiments at the same time in the same room. So if there are two or three classes working simultaneously, you will need to purchase two or three Base Kits. If your classes are coming in one-at-a-time, then one Base Kit is all you need, with one Consumable Class Pack for each additional class.


To determine how many Base Kits and Consumable Class Packs your community needs, use the following formula:

# science classes happening simultaneously =  # base kits

# additional classes doing science =  # class packs


For example, a small community of 24 students who can all share the durable materials will need 1 Base Kit and 2 Consumable Class Packs. A larger community of 40 students with 2 groups doing science at the same time will need 2 Base Kits and 3 Consumable Class Packs.


Example table to determine community purchases

# Classes        # Base Kits     # Class Packs    Cost Per Student

                               1                            0                    $20.00

2                                1                            1                    $16.25

3                                1                            2                    $15.00

4                                2                            2                    $16.25

5                                2                            3                    $15.50

                               2                            4                    $15.00


The Consumable Class Pack includes the following:

(Additional household materials will be required. See the free Materials List on our Learning Center page)


Week 1: Nine (9) Thaumatrope activity sheets

Week 2: Nine (9) 6-inch pieces of wire

Week 3: Nine (9) Finger print sheets

Week 4: Nine (9) straws

Weeks 7-12: Nine (9) Anatomy Sticker Packs

Week 18: Epsom Salt

Week 20: Nine (9) Pizza Sticker activity sheets

Week 21: Nine (9) Pancake Sticker Activity Sheets and nine (9) dice