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Master's Class Biology


This supply kit provides the non-household materials needed to complete the laboratory experiments required in Master Books' High School Biology by Dr. Dennis Englin. 

These kits may be purchased in the following 3 options: 

  1. Kit without prepared slides. [Choose this option ONLY if you are using Master Books' Biology Lab Book instead of slides.]
  2. Kit with prepared slides. [This is the standard option for those looking to complete the labs and have access to a microscope.]
  3. Kit with prepared slides and Advanced Student Microscope. [Best option for those without microscope access to complete the labs.]

*Note: The chemicals within these kits require ground transportation and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the USA. If you'd like to order a kit without the chemicals, please email us at and we'll be delighted to help you.




  • (3) 100ml Plastic Beakers 
  • 50ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder
  • Eye Dropper
  • Filtration Funnel
  • Filter Paper
  • Glass Stirring Rod
  • Metric Ruler
  • pH Indicator Paper
  • PTC Taste Test Paper
  • 4 Stoppers, #00
  • 3 Test Tubes (13mm x 10mm)
  • 5 Test Tubes (16mm x 150mm)
  • Test Tube Brush
  • Test Tube Rack
  • Wax Pencil


  • Ethanol, 95% Solution
  • Glucose (Dextrose), 30g
  • Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution, 30ml
  • Methylene Blue Stain
  • Phenol Red pH Indicator

Dissection Supplies and Microscope Slides: 

  • 3 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
  • 2 Styrofoam Dissection Trays
  • Dissection Tools Kit
  • Earthworm Specimen
  • Earthworm Dissection Guide
  • Frog Specimen (Double-Injected)
  • Frog Dissection Guide
  • Grasshopper Specimen
  • Grasshopper Dissection Guide
  • 12 Blank Microscope Slides
  • 100 Microscope Coverslips
  • 25 Prepared Microscope Slides

The following specimens are included in the Microscope Slides:

  • Onion Root Tip
  • Amoeba
  • Ascaris
  • Bacteria (Multiple Types)
  • Diatoms
  • Earthworm Cross-Section
  • Euglena
  • Fern Life Stages
  • Ficus Leaf Cross-Section
  • Frog Blood Smear
  • Frog Ovary
  • Frog Sperm
  • Human Blood Smear
  • Human Skin With Hair
  • Hydra
  • Moss Life Stages
  • Muscle Types
  • Neuron
  • Paramecium Conjungation
  • Paramecium Fission
  • Planaria
  • Buttercup Root
  • Buttercup Stem
  • Spirogyra
  • Volvox