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Master's Class Chemistry


This supply kit provides the non-household materials needed to complete the laboratory experiments required in Master Books' High School Chemistry by Dr. Dennis Englin. 

NOTE: Due to the chemicals included, this kit can only be shipped via ground transport. For residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and other areas outside the contiguous 48 states, see the notes below. 



  • 10ml Glass Graduated Cylinder
  • (3) 100 ml Glass Beakers
  • 250ml Glass Beaker
  • 2-Pack Alligator Clip Leads
  • 10-Pack 57mm Aluminum Weighing Boats
  • 50ml Burette, PTFE Stopcock
  • Burette Clamp
  • Butane Burner
  • Deluxe Molecular Model Set
  • Digital Multimeter
  • 500g Digital Pocket Scale with ±0.1g Accuracy
  • 1ml Disposable Pipet
  • 4" Electrodes, 1 Copper and 1 Zinc
  • 250ml Erlenmeyer Flask
  • 10-Pack 11cm Filter Paper
  • 10" Glass Stirring Rod
  • Laboratory Scoop
  • 90mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Polystyrene
  • 80-Pack pH Papers, 1-14 Range
  • RapiTest Soil Test Kit
  • (6) 16mm x 150mm Test Tubes
  • Small Test Tube Brush
  • Spectroscope with 10 Testing Sticks
  • Support Stand, 5" x 8" Base, 20" Rod
  • Test Tube Rack with 6 Holes
  • Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center


  • 10g Barium Hydroxide
  • 30ml Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution
  • 30g Calcium Chloride 
  • 30g Lithium Chloride
  • 30g Potassium Chloride
  • 30g Sodium Acetate
  • 30g Strontium Chloride

*Alaska residents, please email us at to determine the cost of shipping.

**Hawaii residents and those outside the US, some of the chemicals in this kit cannot be shipped to your destination. If you would like a kit containing only the labware items and shippable chemicals, we are happy to provide that to you. Please email your inquiry to