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The Heavens and the Earth is the choice of Liberty University, Cedarville University, Patrick Henry College, Truett-McConnell College, and more!

The Heavens and the Earth is used for:

PHSC 210 (Liberty University),

GSCI 1010 (Cedarville University)

PS 302 (Truett-McConnell)

and other schools around the country.

The Heavens and the Earth is thoroughly Biblical in approach and content, and the only textbook in Earth and space sciences that advocates Biblical, young-Earth creationism while also fairly and respectfully presenting naturalistic/evolutionary views of history. The four authors are each recognized leaders in young-Earth creationism with over 70 years of combined university teaching experience in the fields of astronomy, meteorology, and geology.

The Heavens and the Earth surveys widely across disciplines to provide an integrated approach to God’s creation and man’s role and interactions with it. At 553 pages, it is perfect for the advanced student or as your go-to resource to find answers for your student's (and your!) questions about our planet and its true history. Topics include rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, natural disasters, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology, climate, astronomy, and many others written in clear and understandable prose and generously illustrated with helpful figures, images, and charts. The Heavens and the Earth will attune you to the world around you and draw you closer to its, and our, Creator. 

Authors and Institutions

Dr. Marcus R. Ross, Geologist, Liberty University

Dr. John H. Whitmore, Geologist, Cedarville University

Dr. Seven Gollmer, Atmospheric Scientist, Cedarville University

Dr. Danny Faulkner, Astronomer, Answers in Genesis


Table of Contents

(Each chapter is 20-36 full-color pages, packed with illustrations, tables, and photos, end-of-chapter summaries, review questions, and "Focus on Scripture" components)

  • The Earth is the LORD’s

  • Minerals

  • The Earth’s Rocks

  • Plate Tectonics

  • The Restless Earth

  • Reading the Record of the Rocks

  • Earth’s Geologic History

  • Soils, Weathering, and Mass Wasting

  • Streams and Groundwater

  • Glaciers and Deserts

  • Earth Resources

  • Oceans and Coastal Systems

  • The Earth’s Atmosphere

  • Phenomena and Processes of the Atmosphere

  • Weather Patterns and Forecasting

  • Our Solar System

  • Beyond Us: Outside Our Solar System

  • Models of Cosmic Origins