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Let the kids pan for fool's gold (pyrite) with this single-use activity set! 
You will receive a 4-cup bag of mixed soil and rock, containing dozens and dozens of little pyrite grains. 

How To Pan For Fool's Gold: 

1. Get something to sift through the dirt with. It doesn't have to be fancy! Here at Cornerstone, we like to use aluminum pans. 
2. Pour a little bit of your dirt in the pan. We recommend doing 1/3 at a time. 
3. Add some water! You want to be able to easily feel around in the dirt. A thinner consistency than mud is ideal. 
4. Find that gold! Slowly spin your pan in a circular motion. The watery dirt mixture should slightly spill out the sides with each spin, leaving only the fool's gold and other rocks at the bottom of the pan!