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Our small Human Anatomy Model is 18-inches tall and non-gendered, with 18 removable pieces to show the arrangement of the human torso's interior. The model is lifelike and accurate but appropriate for classes of all ages.

Each model includes a 18-inch tall torso on a stand and the following removable parts:

  • Head, half brain

  • Vertebrae w/nerve cord

  • Trachea, esophagus + descending aorta, heart (2 parts showing chambers)

  • Left and right lungs (2 parts each), diaphragm

  • Liver, stomach, kidney, intestines, pancreas + spleen

And right now, get 6 Middle School / High School anatomy lessons for only $9 (regularly $18). That's 40 full pages lays out the materials needed, pre-class preparations, vocabulary, anatomy discussion, and fun group activities to discover the inner workings of your body! After your purchase, we'll email you a link to download the lessons.

Lessons cover:

  1. Nervous system

  2. Skin, bones, & muscles

  3. Digestive system

  4. Cardiovascular & excretory systems

  5. Respiratory system

  6. Special senses (smell, taste, hearing, vision, and equilibrium


18-inch Model Walk-through Video

(pricing has changed since this video was taken)

18-inch Model Reassembly Video