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Our custom-designed vinyl anatomy stickers are accurate and removable for continued peel-and-place fun! Students will receive 55 organ, muscle, and bone stickers, along with 44 name labels to go with them.


Sticker Pack Includes: 

  • One sticker sheet containing 16 organs and 14 name labels
  • One sticker sheet containing 25 skeletal stickers, 14 muscle stickers, and 30 name labels
  • One laminated worksheet with an outline of the upper body for the organ stickers
  • One laminated worksheet with an outline of the entire human body for the skeleton and muscle stickers

*All sticker sheets and worksheets are standard printer paper sized (8.5x11)

**We also provide a downloadable Teacher's Key sheet for free! The key shows what both completed sheets look like. Visit our Learning Center Page to get yours today!


Add on our Middle/High School Human Anatomy Lesson plans for just $9 and we will send you a PDF of SIX awesome lessons about the human body. That's 40 full pages that lay out the materials needed, pre-class preparations, vocabulary, anatomy discussion, and fun group activities to discover the inner workings of your body!


Lesson Topics: 

1. Nervous System

2. Skin, Bones, and Muscles

3. Digestive System

4. Cardiovascular and Excretory Systems

5. Respiratory System

6. Special Senses (Smell, Taste, Hearing, Vision, and Equilibrium)