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 Due to the recent extreme temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and greatly increased demand this year, we are experiencing a disruption in our owl pellet supply. Orders will be shipped immediately without owl pellets and the pellets will be sent out September 10.

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Each Family Pack includes the hard-to-get materials for Cycle 1 Foundations science activities. 

  • Choose the number of students in the drop-down box above.

  • Additional students will receive consumable materials, but not additional hardware (which can be shared during experiment time).

  • You can also use this economical pack when you gather for Tutor Training!


Families can add on our Cycle 1 Lesson Plans for just $30, a 50% discount! You'll receive a link in your confirmation email to a PDF with 24 lessons to guide you each week.

NOTE: The discounted lesson add-on is for families only. If you plan to use our lessons in your CC community, please purchase them via the Learning Center Page. Thanks! 


The Family/Tutor Pack includes the following:

(Additional household items are needed; see our free Materials List on the Learning Center Page.)
* Weeks with an asterisk are included in the additional student materials.

*Week 1: Dual magnifier (x1 also used in weeks 9, 10, and 11)
Week 2: No kit materials for this week
Week 3Outdoor thermometers (x2)
Week 4-8: No kit materials for these weeks
*Week 9: Preserved crayfish, forceps , wooden probe, foam tray (1 each)
*Week 10: Owl pellet, forceps, wooden probes, foam tray (1 each)
Week 11: Dual magnifiers (from week 1)
Weeks 12: No kit materials for this week
Week 13: Fool's gold panning pack (1 bag) and modelling clay (pack of 4 sticks; also in weeks 14 and 15)
*Week 14: Straw
Week 15: Plaster (approx. 1-pound bag), *plastic cup, and *craft stick
*Week 16: Balloon
Week 17: No kit materials for this week
Week 18: No kit materials for this week
Week 19: Jar of Epsom salts, microscope slides (pack of 10), eyedropper
Week 20: Drawing compass
Weeks 21-22: Deluxe Mineral Kit and Geology Test Kit (also used in Week 23)
Week 23: Rock Kit (x1)
Week 24: Orienteering/map compass