Roadside mineral discovery!

While driving along the Liberty University campus, Dr. Marcus Ross came across a little geolgical treasure.

The Geologic Setting

On the southeast side of Liberty's campus is Candler's Mountain. This prominent ridge rises over 1,300 ft in elevation and signals travelers that they're coming close to the Blue Ridge Mountians. The ridge is made mostly of a geologic unit called the Candler's Formation. The Candler's Formation is a metamorphic rock called phyllite, a compressed and heated set of shale and siltstone.
But the Candler's Formation has been through a lot. During Noah's Flood it was bent, fractured, and tipped on its side when the Appalachian mountains were formed. And as hot groundwater moved through this rock it dissolved nearby minerals and re-deposited them in the cracks, leading to more than a few surprises...

Cornerstone’s Dr. Marcus Ross discusses some milky quartz he found last weekend!

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Cornerstone is science, faith, and fun!


Blessings in Christ,

Marcus R. Ross, Ph.D.

 Science, Faith, and FUN!!!


  • Aug 24, 2021
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