Origins 2021

Three societies, one meeting, one purpose

Where does a science geek go to hear the latest in creation research? Origins 2021! The Origins conference is a joint meeting of three research societies:

  • Creation Biology Society
  • Creation Geology Society
  • Creation Theology Society
The biology and geology societies have been meeting together at Origins since 2011, and the CTS is brand new society that joined Origins for the first time this year.

What's great about these meetings is the opportunity to hear cutting-edge research from real creation experts from schools and universities, creation ministries, and other professions. There are also students (undergraduate through doctoral) who present, usually alongside a faculty mentor.

I was privileged to kick off this year's meeting, where I evaluated a recent book titled The Genealogical Adam and Eve by evolutionist and Christian Dr. Joshua Swamidass. The presentation followed my critique of his proposal, which you can read

From pterosaurs to pollen fossils

This year's CBS talks included two on determining the "kinds" of pterosaurs, an evaluation of previous creationist claims about fossil pollen in deep Grand Canyon strata (it was contaminated with modern pollen), learning about some bizarre fossil aquatic reptiles (a group called "sauropterygians"), and looking at mitochondrial DNA in the living mammal Family Bovidae (sheep/goats/cows/bison).

Lakes, Dunes, and Caves

With five talks this year, CGS scientists discussed ongoing research about wind-blown sand dunes vs. underwater sand waves, the evidence for rapid formation of caves, and a really fun talk about the evidence for an ancient lake near Grand Canyon. The lake probably lasted only a week or two then rapidly emptied as the canyon was catastrophically carved after Noah's flood.

A better handle on Hebrew

For their first meeting at Origins, the Creation Theology Society had talks examining Hume's argument against miracles and the question of God using accelerated processes during Creation Week. They also hosted a three-part interdisciplinary session that focused on clarifying how to understand  "the fountains of the great deep and the windows of heaven" from the beginning of Noah's flood recorded in Genesis 7:11.

Origins 2021 was generously hosted by Core Academy of Science in Dayton, TN.

For more great creation information, follow them on Facebook or their YouTube Channel, or even become a supporter. Here at Cornerstone, we are dedicated to help advance creation research, scholarship, and education.
Here I am standing at the site of perhaps the most famous and influential trial of the 20th Century. I'll tell you more about that in a future newsletter!

Blessings in Christ,

Marcus R. Ross, Ph.D.

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