Week 3 & 5 Pack (Fingerprints and Exfoliation)

$12.00 $10.50

Perfect for the Fingerprint experiment in Week 3 and the Exfoliation activity in Week 5

Each Pack Includes:

4 pieces of pure graphite mineral (to make fingerprints)

4 plastic 3X/6X magnifiers (to observe fingerprints and exfoliation products)

4 pieces of pumice rock (for light skin exfoliation)

NOTE #1: The items in this pack can be shared from class to class, so order as many sets as you have science classes running at the same time. So if you have 2 or 3 classes running concurrently, order 2 or 3 boxes. Or order more, if you want each student to get their own!

NOTE #2: If you're using our CC Cycle 3 LESSON PLANS, you'll need to supply the soap and sandpaper for the exfoliation activity for week 5.