Super Sunprint Kit


CC Directors: Your Sunprint Kits are here!

We've selected the 8"x12" Super Sunprint Kits, which offer more space for creativity than the 4"x4" Sunprints. Each kit contains  fifteen (15) Sunprint sheets plus one (1) clear acrylic overlay to hold down items like leaves, paper cut-outs, feathers, and other lightweight items.

Sunprints are a GREAT way to do art and science with the sun. Create beautiful blue-and-white photo negatives by placing objects on the paper and placing it in the sun for 1-5 minutes to expose the paper to UV rays. Soak briefly in water and let dry and viola! A beautiful are based on some sweet solar science.

Need additional prints, or just need the prints without the acrylic overlay? We also carry just the Super Sunprint refill pack.