• Mineral Kit


    Our Mineral Kit includes twelve hand-selected specimens representing the beauty and variety of God's creation. From major rock-forming minerals to gemstones and important metal ores, these specimens come from all over the world! The generously sized specimens (about 1 inch or more each) are housed in a compartmented tray inside a sturdy box for years of use. Plus, the Mineral Kit includes a full-color image key, numbers for labels, and a full-color geologic timescale that puts Earth history in its proper biblical, young-Earth context.

    Minerals in this kit include quartz crystal, gypsum "rose", pyrite, muscovite mica, calcite, and more!

    Want to make the most of your kit? Consider adding a Geology Testing Kit to learn more about your minerals and learn to identify them in the rocks around you. Plus, you can get a FREE mineral lesson plan over in the "Lesson Plan" section of our website!

    Need a bulk pack for your class or homeschooling co-op? Our Educator's 5-pack saves you more than 10%!