• Master's Class Biology


    This supply kit provides the non-household materials needed to complete the laboratory experiments required in Master Books' Biology by Dr. Dennis Englin. The chemicals within these kits require ground transport and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the USA.

    These kits may be purchased in 3 options:

    • Kit without prepared slides (choose this option only if you are using MB's Biology Lab Book instead of slides)
    • Kit with prepared slides (this is the normal option)

    Shipping is flat rate: $20 (with or without slides) or $25 (with slides and microscope)



    ·         100 ml plastic beakers (3)
    ·         50 ml plastic graduated cylinder
    ·         Eye dropper
    ·         Filtration funnel
    ·         Filter paper
    ·         Glass stirring rod
    ·         Metric ruler
    ·         pH indicator paper
    ·         PTC taste test paper
    ·         Stoppers, #00 (4)
    ·         Test tubes 13 mm x100 mm (3)
    ·         Test tubes, 16 mm x150 mm (5)
    ·         Test tube brush
    ·         test tube rack
    ·         Wax pencil


    ·         Ethanol, 95% solution
    ·         Glucose (dextrose), 30 g
    ·         Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution, 30 ml
    ·         Methylene blue stain
    ·         Phenol red pH indicator


    Dissection Supplies and Microscope Slides:
    ·         Nitrile gloves (3 pair)
    ·         Styrofoam dissection trays (2)
    ·         Dissection tools kit
    ·         Earthworm specimen and dissection guide
    ·         Frog specimen (double-injected) and dissection guide
    ·         Grasshopper specimen dissection guide
    ·         Microscope slides (blank; 72 slides) and coverslips (100)
    ·         Prepared microscope slides (25 slides containing the following specimens:
    Onion root tip, Amoeba, Ascaris, bacteria (multiple types), diatoms, earthworm cross-section, Euglena, fern life stages, Ficus leaf cross-section, frog blood smear, frog ovary, frog sperm, human blood smear, human skin with hair, Hydra, moss life stages, muscle types, neuron, Paramecium conjugation, Paramecium fission, Planaria, buttercup root, buttercup stem, Spirogyra, Volvox