• Human Anatomy Model (Large)

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    We're proud to offer this life-size anatomy model as a Cornerstone signature product. This dual-gender human torso model is lifelike and accurate (without being gross), and has 40 pieces to bring you closer to God's amazing design. 

    Add on our Human Anatomy Lesson plans for just $9 (regularly $18) and we'll send you a pdf of SIX awesome lessons about the human body. That's 40 full pages lays out the materials needed, pre-class preparations, vocabulary, anatomy discussion, and fun group activities to discover the inner workings of your body!

    Lesson plans cover:

    1. Nervous system

    2. Skin, bones, & muscles

    3. Digestive system

    4. Cardiovascular & excretory systems

    5. Respiratory system

    6. Special senses (smell, taste, hearing, vision, and equilibrium)

    Model Dimension: 36" tall, with a base plate measuring approximately 16" wide and 14" deep.

    Each model includes a full-sized torso (on a stand) and the following removable parts:

    Head, eyeball, brain (8 parts)

    2 vertebrae w/2 spinal cord segments

    Female breast plate

    Trachea, esophagus + descending aorta, heart (2 parts showing chambers and valves)

    Left and right lungs (2 parts each), diaphragm

    Liver, stomach (2 parts), kidney, intestines (4 parts)

    Male (4 parts) and female (2 parts plus fetus) reproductive organs

    Full-size model walk-through videos (Parts 1 and 2)

    Full-size model REASSEMBLY video