Fossil Egg Hunt (PREMIUM full-dozen)


Forget candy, find FOSSILS this Easter!

Includes SIX premium fossils and six additional fossils.

Make this Easter unforgettable with Cornerstone's fossil-filled Easter eggs.Your kids will uncover real treasures from God's creation with these authentic fossil specimens. Each egg includes one fossil with an identification card featuring the specimen name, location of discovery, and its time of formation in a biblically sound young-Earth context.

Premium fossils include: enrolled trilobite, large shark tooth, ammonite button, mosasaur tooth, cut-and-polished ammonite, nautiloid button.

Additional fossils include six from the following: marine gastropod cast, branch coral, crinoid stem, small ammonite, brachiopod, oyster, small shark tooth, and genuine amber.

Caution: Contains small pieces. Not suitable for children under three (3) years of age. Specific fossils included may change based on availability.