• Fluorescent Mineral Starter Set

    $55.00 $48.50

    Wow! These minerals GLOW!!!

    The Fluorescent Mineral Starter Set gives your everything you need to get started learning about the wonderful variety of fluorescent minerals and rocks! Hand-picked specimens turn shades of orange, green, purple and more when viewed with the included longwave/shortwave UV lamp. Longwave fluorescent lamps are what are often called "black lights", but it is the higher-energy shortwave UV that shows off 90% of the fluorescent minerals!

    The Fluorescent Mineral Starter Set includes:

    -Six fluorescent minerals and rocks: blue calcite (fluoresces orange), fluorite (purple), turritella agate (bright green fossil shells in a silica matrix), lapis lazuli (green and pink), travertine (green), and plagioclase feldspar (dark pink-purple).

    -A high-quality enhanced 4-watt longwave/shortwave fluorescent lamp (batteries included!)

    -A pair of UV-blocking goggles to wear while looking at your specimens

    -Cornerstone's basic box with 12-cell tray so you can store and expand your collection

    -Full-color image guide, numbers to make labels, and our Biblical-based geologic time scale

    The lamp alone retails for $40, so this is a FANTASTIC deal on a super-fun kit!