• Earthworm, plain, 9-12"

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    Discover annelid anatomy with Cornerstone's preserved earthworms.

    An excellent choice for any activity requiring dissection of an annelid (includes earthworms and leeches). Student can observe and document external structures such as segmentation, setae and clitelum. Internal anatomy includes nervous, digestive, circulatory, and reproductive systems.

    Ten-packs receive a 10% discount!

    Specimens are individually vacuum-sealed.Initially preserved in formaldehyde to fix tissues. Specimens are then rinsed with water and packed in a low-odor, non-toxic holding solution. Store specimens in an area of room temperature away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze or expose to high temperatures (more than 85 degrees F). Specimens will last 6 month when left unopened. After opening, the specimen should be placed in a zip-top bag and may be kept for up to one month.

    Tray and dissecting tools sold separately. See our Biology Page for tools and other items.