Earth and Creation Laboratory Book



Earth and Creation provides a hands-on laboratory experience for introductory earth-science students. This manual/kit package offers a full-range of earth-science topics to include lab exercises in geology, oceanography, and meteorology. It is also supplemented with video tutorials (accessed through an online Moodle site) that help bring clarity to the material presented.

The lab manual features a unique approach to earth-science education. Whereas most academic Earth-science publications demonstrate old-Earth and evolutionary commitments, Earth and Creation promotes a decidedly young-earth creationist worldview, while at the same time adhering to the principles and practices of “good science.” This is truly a laboratory book like no other!

Featuring beautiful color images throughout, Earth and Creation is comprised of 16 chapters that include student friendly pedagogical features such as:

  • Purpose statements
  • Learning objectives
  • Material lists
  • Laboratory overviews
  • Definitions
  • Quiz questions in various formats (multiple choice, true/false)
  • Scripture Focus vignettes
  • A comprehensive index


  1. Minerals
  2. Igneous Rocks and Volcanism
  3. Sedimentary Rocks
  4. Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks
  5. Geologic Dating I
  6. Geologic Dating II
  7. Plate Tectonics
  8. Earthquakes and Seismology
  9. Topographic Maps
  10. Streams and Groundwater
  11. Oceans and Coastlines
  12. Earth-Moon-Sun Relations
  13. Surface Ocean Circulation
  14. Thermohaline Circulation
  15. Meteorology I
  16. Meteorology II
        Topographic Map Symbols