Deluxe Fossil Kit


Our Deluxe Fossil Kit includes twenty four hand-selected specimens from all over the world representing a variety of different plant, animal, protist, and bacterial fossils. The specimens are housed in a compartmented tray inside a sturdy box for years of use.

Plus, the Deluxe Fossil Kit includes a detailed information sheet and our full-color geologic timescale that puts your fossils in a biblical, young-Earth context. Discover when each of your fossils was formed, either during Noah's Flood or after the Flood.

Fossils in this kit include the following: shark teeth, algae, pelecypod (clam) fossils and internal molds, amber, gastropods (snails), ammonites, crinoid stems, a complete trilobite, fern, and many more!

Want to make the most of your kit? Consider adding a Cornerstone hand lens or Geology Testing Kit to get a better look at your fossils and their awesome features.