Deluxe Fossil Kit


Our Deluxe Fossil Kit includes twenty four hand-selected specimens from all over the world representing a variety of different plant, animal, protist, and bacterial fossils. The specimens are housed in a compartmented tray inside a sturdy box for years of use.

Plus, the Deluxe Fossil Kit includes a full-color picture key, numbers for labels, and a full-color geologic timescale that puts Earth history in its proper biblical, young-Earth context. Read the clear explanations so you can learn when each of your fossils was formed (during Noah's Flood or after the Flood).

Fossils in this kit include the following: shark teeth, algae, pelecypod (clam) fossils and internal molds, amber, gastropods (snails), ammonites, crinoid stems, a complete trilobite, fern, and many more!

Want to make the most of your kit? Consider adding a Cornerstone hand lens or Geology Testing Kit to get a better look at your fossils and their awesome features.