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Normally $18, but now you can get one lesson free!

Get six lessons corresponding to the required science activities for Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Weeks 13-18. Our detailed lessons will walk you through vocabulary, pre-activity discussions, step-by-step instructions, and observation-based Q&A, all with a focus on God as creator.

The Spring Lesson Set includes:

  • Week 13: Where did it go?

  • Week 14: Discovering displacement

  • Week 15: Diving into density

  • Week 16: Acids, bases, and bubbles

  • Week 17: Sugars, starches, and iodine

  • Week 18: The trouble with "hard" water

  • A handy weekly materials list

NOTE: We will not be providing lesson plans for Cycle 3 weeks 19-24. The instructions for these probability activities can be found in the Foundations Curriculum. You can find the great lab and activity materials you'll need at our Cycle 3 page in the Learning Center.

Cornerstone's Materials List will occasionally differ from the materials proscribed by the Foundations Curriculum. When you find a difference in materials, this is due to one of several reasons:

  1. Substitutions: We have found other methods and items that perform the activity easier/better/more effectively.

  2. Additions: In cases of short/quick activities, we have created additional related activities (detailed in our lesson plans) to add more fun and learning to your science time.

  3. Customizations: We have created materials to specifically cater to a CC activity.