Complete Rock Collection

$78.00 $70.95

This is for your serious rock hound! The Complete Rock Collection is simply the best full-scale student rock collection available. It includes one of each of our Igneous Rock Kit, Sedimentary Rock Kit, and Metamorphic Rock Kit for a total of forty-eight numbered specimens of our generously sized specimens (1-2 inch each).

With the Complete Rock Collection, you'll get a rock collection that rivals or exceeds the sets used for introductory geology and Earth science classes at colleges all over the country. Plus, the set comes packed with information about the classification, composition, and uses of each and every specimen. From practical players to exotic uses and locations, the Complete Rock Collection lets you dig deep into geology!

Want to make the most of your kit? Consider adding a Geology Testing Kit to learn more about your rocks and learn to identify them out in the field.