• Complete Earth Science Curriculum

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    A Complete Earth Science Curriculum with Labs

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    Learn Earth Science from the PREMIER creation-based textbooks used at Liberty University, Cedarville University, Patrick Henry College, The Master's University, and others.

    Anchored by the groundbreaking textbook The Heavens and the Earth and complimented by the Earth and Creation lab book, Cornerstone's Complete Earth Science Curriculum has everything you need to have a rich, immersive year of science.

    Students will learn by doing with hands-on experiments and activities that powerfully reinforce the concepts and ideas introduced by their texts. God's world is big and amazing and wonderful, and Earth Science is a GREAT WAY to bring a sense of awe and reverence to the Creator of our world!

    With 18 full-color chapters covering geology, hydrology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy, The Heavens and the Earth, 2nd Edition is the only Earth Science textbook written by creation science experts. Take one year to work through it and your student will be well-trained in contemporary Earth Science and young-Earth creation. Online access to quizzes and study materials provide additional assessments and learning tools.

    Likewise, Earth and Creation takes students on a journey of creation discovery with 16 chapters that are divided into smaller units that make for excellent 30-40-minute activities. Topics include rock and mineral identification, fossils and geologic time, plate tectonics, cartography, air masses, Earth-Sun relations, ocean circulation, and more.

    Combine these with Cornerstone's expert-selected specimens and quality supporting equipment and you have an outstanding learning resource. Bring God-honoring science to the next level!

    Cornerstone's Complete Earth Science Curriculum Includes:


    The Heavens and the Earth textbook, 2nd edition (with access code for web quizzes and study materials)
    Earth and Creation laboratory text (with access code for online videos)

    Specimens and equipment

    12 Minerals

    10 Igneous rock

    10 Sedimentary rocks

    10 Metamorphic rocks

    10 Fossils

    5 bags of sediment for grain size analysis

    Geology testing kit

    USGS Topographic Map

    Brunton map compass

    Drawing compass



    Specimen key & information sheets