CC Cycle 3 Family Pack / Tutor Training Pack

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Each Family Pack includes the hard-to-get materials and fun activity sheets (thaumatropes, fingerprint cards, anatomy sticker package, and our blueberry pancake & pizza probability cards) for Cycle 3's science activities. Some additional household items will be necessary.

Choose the number of students in the drop-down box above. Additional students will receive their own activity sheets and poker chip bag, but not additional hardware (which can be shared during experiment time).

You can also use this economical pack when you gather for Tutor Training!

Families can add on our Cycle 3 Lesson Plans for just $20, less than half of the regular price. You'll 12 lessons for the Fall, and later (around October) you'll get 6 more lessons plus a statistics guide for the Spring.

NOTE: The discounted lesson add-on is for families only. If you plan to use our lessons in your CC community, please purchase them via the Lesson Plan Page. Thanks!

The Family/Tutor Pack includes the following:

(Additional household items are needed; see our free Materials List on the Lesson Plan Page)

Week 1: Thaumatrope activity sheet, 1 small bag of rubber bands.

Week 2: 6-inch piece of wire and 2 plastic cups

Week 3: Fingerprinting sheet, 1 ink stamp pad, dual-lens magnifiers

Week 4: 250ml beaker, 1 permanent marker, 2ft of rubber tubing, and straw

Week 5: 1 piece of pumice, dual-lens magnifier from week 3, bar of soap, sandpaper

Week 6: No materials included

Weeks 7-12: Anatomy Sticker Pack

Week 13: 250ml Beaker from week 4, 1 food coloring dye

Week 14: 250ml beaker from week 4, 6 marbles, two 3-oz plastic cups, and 1 thumb tack

Week 15: 250ml beaker from week 4

Week 16: 1 glass jar and 1 balloon

Week 17: Bottle of Iodine and eye dropper

Week 18: 2 small plastic jars and Epsom Salt

Week 19: Poker Chips (7 red, 7 Blue and 7 white)

Week 20: Pizza Sticker activity sheets

Week 21: Pancake Sticker Activity Sheets and 6-sided die

Week 22: No materials included

Week 23:  1 die from week 21

Week 24: No materials included