CC Cycle 2 Community Pack

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Cornerstone's Cycle 2 Community Pack serves up to 20 students with the difficult-to-find materials needed for Classical Conversations science time.

Order double- or triple-packs for larger communities and SAVE MORE as you order more!

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Shipping is $25 for a single pack. A double pack adds $20 to shipping and a triple pack adds $35.

NOTE for residents of Alaska and Hawaii: Your kits will be shipped without the Week 1 materials, as thermometers can only be shipped by ground transportation. Order from this page and we will refund the cost of your Week 1 materials.

Community Pack Contents

Our Community Pack supplies many of the items needed during Cycle 2, but not all weeks are covered (some require only basic household items). The following is a list of all the items in a single (20-student) community pack:

Week 1: White thermometers (2), metal thermometers (2), paracord (9-ft length)
Week 2: Dual-lens magnifiers (2), Cornerstone hand lenses (2), math compass with pencil (2), 4-oz modelling clay (2), drinking straws (4), plastic cups (4)
Week 5: Balloons (20), black marker (5), string, fishing weights (1-oz, 2-oz, and two 4-oz), wooden spools (2)
Week 7: Super Sunprint refills (2 packs of 15 sheets), 8" x 10" acrylic sheets (4)
Week 9: Dueling Stomp Rocket
Week 11: Cornerstone solar system stickers w/space poster (20)
Week 20: Straws (two 500-count boxes), 1/4-pound bag of rubber bands (2), 4-oz modeling clay (6)
Week 21: Straws (500-count box), tape rolls (8)
Week 22: Craft sticks (1,000-count box), 1/4-pound bag of rubber bands, wooden spoons (40), mini pom poms (100)
Week 23: Craft Sticks (1,000-count box), 1/4-pound bag of rubber bands, plastic eggs (4)