• CC Cycle 1 Preview


    Coming in April...

    *Price is an estimate of the Class Pack & will be updated

    We're getting things ready for a great Cycle 1 next year, and will have a full update after Easter. 

    Just like Cycle 2 and 3, we'll be offering materials for communities and at-home families with outstanding supplies and lessons to make your science time fun, informative, and worshipful of the Creator. Here's a sneak peek...

    For Communities

    Each community will start off with a Base Kit (about $190), which includes all the durable materials that pass from class to class (such as rock & mineral kits, compasses, thermometers, etc.) and  also include the consumables needed for one class of 8 students plus a tutor (crayfish, owl pellets, dissection tools, pyrite activity bags, clay, etc.).

    Class Packs (about $80) will contain additional consumables for a class of 8 students plus a teacher. Directors should purchase extra Class Packs based on the total number of classes in their community. 


    Directors should purchase one Base Kit for each science class that is happening at the same time, and add Class Packs for classes that will get materials passed to them after the first class is done.


    -A small community with three classes that pass along materials purchases 1 Base Kit and 2 Class Packs.

    -A larger community with six classes could purchase 2 Base Kits and 4 Class Packs so that two classes can run simultaneously over three periods. 

    ...and the cost for these examples is less than $15 per student!

    For Families at Home

    Our Family Pack (about $110) will include all the hard-to-find science supplies for 1-2 students. We'll also have additional Student Packs (less than $15 each) so bigger families can all do the work together with extra consumable supplies.

    And we haven't forgotten about Lesson Plans!

    We're working on a website redesign that will allow you to add lessons just like any other item on the website. So in late April we'll launch with the new site and have a full year of great lesson plans for directors and families that will line up with your CC activities and be filled with science, faith, and FUN!