• CC C2 Week 8 Solar System Stickers (single sheet)

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    A Cornerstone Original

    These beautiful stickers are perfect for CC Cycle 2! Our custom-made stickers are on a 5"x7" sheet and feature real NASA images of all eight planets, plus asteroids! Each of the terrestrial planets (Mercury, Mars, Earth, and Venus) are to scale among each other, as are each of the Jovian planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune). Kids love them!


    NOTE: You will need to supply a black (space background) and yellow (the sun) construction or card stock paper, glue/tape (for the sun), and scissors. We'll put a little card in your package as a reminder along with measurements for sticker placement on a 22-inch piece of black construction paper. Picture #3 shows the stickers placed according to their proportional places on a 22" long piece of black card stock paper that is 7" tall. This follows the basic directions in the CC Foundations Book and our instruction cards.