CC Cycle 2 Week 5 Materials Pack


A new pair of science activities await you for Cycle 2 in 2019: VanCleave's "Expanding" and "In and Out". These materials are everything you'll need for a fun and interesting class of up to 10 student. Better still: pair these materials with our Cycle 2 Lesson Plans.

NOTE: We substitute fishing weights for the tape and spoon used in VanCleave's activities because the fishing weights are designed to be tied to string (a spoon can slip out during spinning).


  • Package of 10 balloons
  • Markers (4)
  • Wooden spools (2)
  • String (2 lengths)
  • Fishing weights (1-oz, 2-oz, and two 4-oz)

With the exception of the balloons, these materials can be rotated through one class at a time. If you have 2 science classes working at the same time, you'll need 2 kits.

Click here for additional balloons, or check out our Cycle 2 Community Pack.