CC C2 Week 20-23 Materials (single class)


These materials provide for one class of 6-8 students working on the straw bridge and egg protector activities. Purchase one pack per class, which can then be divided according to teams. Each pack includes:

  • 200 drinking straws
  • Rubber bands (1/4-pound bag; contains over 500 bands)
  • 8 ounces of modeling clay (two 4-ounce blocks)
  • 200 craft sticks
  • Four (4) plastic eggs (one shown in photo; you'll receive 4)

Note: You'll need to supply napkins for the egg protector and books/coins/other weights for testing the straw bridge. We'll put a little card in your package as a reminder.

Plus, don't forget our helpful Week 20-21 and 22-23 lesson plans for these activities!