CC C2 All-in-a-Box (24 students)

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An Updated (5th-edition compatible) Kit will be offered beginning in JUNE

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The description below is for the 2016 (4th edition F/E Guide) kit, and is not available at this time

Included here all the materials we provide for a CC campus of 24 students, with one class doing science at a time.

CC Science just got easier and more fun!

Make the most of your materials with our Cycle 2 Lesson plans.

Note on purchasing:

  • If your campus has 18-24 students, order one box.
  • If your campus is large (40-50 students) then order two boxes.
  • If you're in between, purchase one All-in-a-Box plus any extra weekly packs (like additional Sun Print refills or extra acrylic sheets, stickers, straw bridge and egg protector materials, etc.) that you need. Each week's materials will be in a separate bag, and you'll get a note for the few additional materials you may need for that week (like pencils, scissors, and plain white paper).
  • If you campus is small (less than 18 students), then you could order one All-in-a-Box or pick up each week's materials as you need them, using the list below as a guide.

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Also check out our lesson plans to add extra fun and more content to your activities!

The Cycle 2 materials packs covers the following weeks with materials, bagged separately so each week is organized:

  • Week 1-- Four (4) thermometers (2 each of 2 different kinds) and rope (9 ft)
  • Week 2--modeling clay (4 ounces), 2 dual-lens magnifiers, Cornerstone hand lens, 2 math/drawing compasses, 4 clear plastic cups, and 4 straws
  • Week 6--One (1) jar of iron filings (8 ounces) and 4 bar magnets
  • Week 8--24 of Cornerstone's solar system stickers
  • Week 9--Super Sun Print Kit, Super Sun Print refills, and extra acrylic sheet (30 prints total)
  • Week 11--Dueling Stomp Rocket
  • Weeks 20-23--Three (3) sets of: 200-pack straws,1/4-pound bag rubber bands (over 500 per bag), modeling clay (8 ounces), 200-pack craft sticks, and three plastic eggs.