• Advanced Student Microscope

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    More microscopes are coming in May

    We are proud to offer an outstanding student microscope fit for Junior and Senior High biology.

    The Advanced Student Microscope is a compound biological microscope with 40-400X magnification featuring:

    • All-metal body construction

    • Monocular head with ergonomic 45° incline, 10X Wide-field ocular lens and 360° rotation

    • Triple-revolving nose piece featuring achromatic 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses

    • Dual-layer mechanical stage and clip for precise slide movements (makes moving slides easy and accurate!)

    • Abbe condenser (0.65 N.A.) for better contrast adjustment

    • Transmitted light from a variable-intensity LED

    • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with safety stop

    • Power via plug-in adapter (included) or by 3 AA batteries (not included)

    Add on Cornerstone's Introductory Slide Kit for just $38 more (a $10 savings) and receive:

    • 25 professionally mounted prepared microscope slides

    • Box of 72 blank glass slides

    • Box of 100 cover slips

    • Three stains: Lugol's iodine (30ml), methylene blue (7ml), and eosin-Y (7ml)

    Normally $48

    Save $10 when you add on with your microscope!

    Prepared slides include the following:

    • Onion root tip

    • Amoeba

    • Ascaris

    • Bacteria (multiple types)

    • Diatoms

    • Earthworm cross-section

    • Euglena

    • Fern life stages

    • Ficus leaf cross-section

    • Frog blood smear

    • Frog ovary

    • Frog sperm

    • Human blood smear

    • Human skin with hair

    • Hydra

    • Moss life stages

    • Muscle types

    • Neuron

    • Paramecium conjugation

    • Paramecium fission

    • Planaria

    • Buttercup root

    • Buttercup stem

    • Spirogyra

    • Volvox