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This at-home kit contains materials for two of each weekly activity when using our at-home lesson plan bundle for CC Cycle 2 Weeks 19-23.


Each kit includes:

  • Box of 500 plastic drinking straws

  • 1/4-pound package of rubber bands

  • 2 children's scissors

  • 1/4-pound brick of clay

  • 2 rolls of tape

  • 200 wooden craft sticks

  • 20 mini-pompoms

  • 4 wooden spoons

  • 2 plastic eggs

NOTE: Some additional household items (paper, markers, etc.) will be needed that are not included.

    Our shipping charges are based on weight. This kit weighs just over 2 pounds, resulting in an $8 shipping charge during checkout. For 2-4 kits, the shipping charge will be $12. These reflect the charges we pay for shipping. Thank you for supporting our CC-family small business.