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You'll learn about dinosaurs and creation from an expert in this fun and fact-filled two-episode DVD.


Episode 1: Dinosaurs Demystified

Dinosaurs have captured our hearts and imaginations as some of the greatest of God’s creations. In this episode of Origins TV, creation paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross guides you on a tour of dinosaur paleontology, answering many frequently asked questions along the way.  How do paleontologists know about dinosaurs and how to properly reconstruct them? The answers will surprise you.

Episode 2: Dinosaur Tyrants and Terrors

Carnivorous theropod dinosaurs are some of the most memorable and fearsome of all extinct animals. Dr. Ross will lead you through the wild diversity of some of God’s most amazing creations. From the largest land predators to ever live to chicken-sized, fleet-footed raptors, the theropods continue to excite our imagination and point us towards the cause of their demise: Noah’s Flood.

Running time: approximately 30 minutes per episode / 1 hour total