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Discover new depths in the Genesis text and how to navigate the scientific academy as a Christian in this two-episode DVD.

Episode 1: Noah's Flood: Creation Undone

Noah’s Flood is well-known as a pivotal event in the Book of Genesis, but its connections to Genesis 1-3 often go unnoticed to the modern reader. Dr. Marcus Ross traces these connections in the biblical text by looking closer at the scope and purpose of the Flood, the linguistic and literary commonalities of the two accounts and the fascinating parallelisms between Adam and Noah.

Episode 2: Twelve Years in Athens

Creation geologist and paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross received all of his academic training a state-sponsored, secular schools. Throughout his twelve years earning a variety of degrees, he was known to be a creationist to the other students and faculty of the programs he attended. He shares his insights for navigating the sometimes difficult path of scientific training for young Christians.

Running time: Approximately 30 minutes per episode / 1 hour total