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Dive deep into ancient sea monsters and learn what various origins beliefs are in this two-episode DVD.


Episode 1: Monstrous Mosasaurs

Dinosaurs may be the main attraction at the natural history museums, but around the corner from the you can find the most amazing creatures that ever roamed the seas! Creation paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross introduces you to mosasaurs, our true sea monsters. Learn how the fit into Creation and the Flood, and why they (mercifully!) aren't with us today.

Episode 2: Who Believes What?

Today there are so many different views on our origins that it’s sometimes confusing.  Worse, some authors and speakers intentionally mix different views and treat them as the same. With accuracy and grace, Dr. Ross shows that if you ask the right questions, then the answers to who believes what are very clear indeed.

Running time: 25 minutes